Thursday, 17 January 2013

Neil Findlay MSP: Call for a review of convictions against Scottish Miners and other arrested during the 1984/85 strike

From Neil Findlay MSP - please use this link 
to email Justice Secretary asking for indendent review of Scottish convictionss during miners' strike 1984/85

Dear Friend, you may have seen recent press coverage of the campaign being run by David Hamilton, MP for MidLothian and I calling for a review of the convictions of Miners and others arrested during the 1984/85 Miner’s strike. Since making this call the response has been remarkable with over 650 people emailing the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny McAskill and the Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police supporting our call for a review of these cases. Press coverage has been extensive with the main TV news and all of the major newspapers covering the story. We have since been contacted by a significant number of people who were involved at the time and who say their convictions were either bogus or based on the exaggerated claims of the arresting officers.  These cases need investigates to ensure that the injustices of Hillsborough and Orgreave were not been repeated in Scotland.

I am therefore asking two things:-

1)    If you, members of your family or friends and relatives haven’t yet signed up to the campaign then please do so today by clicking on the following link and taking 1 minute to complete the email template. This will send an email to Kenny McAskill and the Chief Constable calling for a review of the cases.

2)    If you have an email list please send it out to your contacts asking them to sign up to the campaign

I want to thank everyone for their support to date –

Neil Findlay MSP
January 2013


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