Tuesday, 15 January 2013

STUC Backs Freedom of Information Bid in Scottish Parliament

15 Jan 2013

STUC news release 

The Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) has added the voice of Scotland’s trade union movement to those calling  on the Scottish Parliament to back a series of amendments to the Scottish Government’s Freedom of Information Amendment (Scotland) Bill.

This Bill is to have its Stage 3 debate in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday and a series of amendments are proposed to ensure FOI rights extend to public services provided by private, voluntary and arms-length bodies. 

STUC Deputy General Secretary, Dave Moxham, speaking prior to the parliamentary debate (Wednesday 16 January) said

“We support the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland (CFoIS) in arguing that FoI rights must be maintained and extended not curtailed and reduced.

“With the estimated number of arms-length bodies in Scotland delivering public services now exceeding 130 the need to know how public money is being spent is critical for transparency and accountability.


Stage 3 Briefing for MSPs is at www.cfoi.org.uk/scotland.html  


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