Monday, 4 February 2013

Dates confirmed for Happy Lands film

It’s the General Strike 1926 - Only seven years after the slaughter of the trenches, millions of workers across the country down tools to take part in the biggest walk out in British history, taking a stand against savage austerity cuts imposed by a Liberal-Conservative government.

Robert Rae’s epic, sweeping portrait of a definitive moment in the history of social justice charts the lives of three Scottish families as they deal with questions of loyalty, honour, love and trust in the midst of the Strike.

Created with over 1000 members of the Fife community, this moving story of the hardship faced by the miners is ultimately a celebration of the indomitable human spirit, which will resonate around the globe.

A game changing work that casts the people of the Fife Coalfield Communities at the heart of their own story and told it in their own voices and imprint it permanently on film. Theatre Workshop Scotland created an enduring social and artistic legacy that gave many participants what they have described as “the time of their lives”.

Scottish dates are now confirmed:
Glasgow Film Theatre - 17 February
Clydebank Empire - 18 February
Blantyre Miners’ Welfare - 1 March
Penicuik Cinema - 3 March
Eden Court Theatre, Inverness - 10 March
Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy - 10 March
Loganlea Miners’ Welfare - 18 March
Colinsburgh Community Cinema - 26 April

If you’ve got friends, family, workmates in these communities please spread the word and encourage them to attend. If you’ve got access to trade union or other email lists, please publicise the film via those routes.

See the first public review in the Sunday Mail  and a hard hitting editorial at
See background on the making of the film and interviews with UNISON members in the cast at

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