Friday, 15 February 2013

Multi-million pound cuts to council services and thousands of local government jobs lost

15 Feb 2013

A range of news reports today highlight multi-million pound cuts to council services and the loss of thousands of local government jobs around Scotland.
BBC Scotland reported on a third of Scotland’s councils setting budgets.
The Herald's front page headline was: “Thousands of jobs go as councils wield the axe.”
And STV said that millions of pounds and hundreds of jobs have been cut.
UNISON Scotland highlighted last week how council services are taking the brunt of spending cuts and called for a review of funding.
Stephanie Herd, chair of the Local Government Committee, said:
“Essential services provided by councils, including education, home care for elderly and disabled people, social work, environmental health, trading standards and many more are all affected by cuts and job losses.
“The austerity measures imposed by governments at Westminster and Holyrood are not needed. There is a better way and we will fight to retain good quality services. Paying off council and other public sector workers does not help local economies.”
UNISON Scotland works with the STUC to show that There is A Better Way 


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