Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Unemployment figures - UNISON response

Wed 20 Feb 2013
Commenting on the unemployment figures released today, Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said: 
“These figures appear to show some relief after years of economic stagnation, but it is just an illusion. Real wages are continuing to fall, and youth unemployment is still rising. It is telling that more than 4 million people are now classed as self employed. If there are enough jobs to go around, why did 1,700 people apply for just 8 jobs at Costa Coffee?

“We will not experience a real recovery until people have more money to spend. For this to happen, the government has to take action to boost the number of full time, fairly paid jobs that are available. The Coalition’s failure to act makes the chances of a catastrophic triple-dip recession a near-certainty.”


Regional unemployment between October and December;

Region                Total unemployed   Change on quarter      Unemployment rate

North East            125,000             minus 2,000            9.7%

North West            295,000              plus 2,000            8.5%

Yorkshire/Humber      245,000             minus 1,000            8.9%

East Midlands         178,000             minus 1,000            7.7%

West Midlands         238,000              plus 3,000            8.6%

East of England       212,000               no change            6.8%

London                362,000            minus 10,000            8.4%

South East            295,000              plus 6,000            6.5%

South West            150,000             minus 6,000            5.5%

Wales                 127,000              plus 6,000            8.6%

Scotland              206,000            minus 13,000            7.7%

Northern Ireland       68,000              plus 1,000            7.8%


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