Wednesday 13 February 2013

STUC Lobby of Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference 16 March, Dundee

As part of the wider national campaign for fair welfare and an end to the attack on benefits, there is an STUC Lobby of the Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference in Dundee, 16 March at Westpark conference centre in Dundee. It is still not too late for the Government to change its position on welfare including reversing its decision on the horrific bedroom tax and abandoning its attempt to cap benefits for many of the poorest in society.

Full details and how you can support the lobby are on 'There is a Better Way' website  



  1. Anonymous1:42 pm

    I wish I could join you to protest. I am disabled and live in a 2 bedroomed council flat (a "difficult to let" block too). It is my home and gives me a measure of stability. I have good neighbours (3 out of the 6 flats in this block will be affected by the bedroom tax, though, so maybe not for long).
    I will pay the extra £40 out of my DLA. What I will do if I am still alive when PIP/Universal Credit comes in, I don`t know since the stress and anxiety of the ATOS asessment for ESA nearly killed me and I expect it to get worse . I can barely get out of my home because of my health problems, but I will be with the protesters in spirit.

  2. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Please sign and share our petition against bad legislation like the bedroom tax, and other assaults on our human rights