Monday, 15 June 2015

Arbitrary freeze on teacher numbers – bad for our members, bad for our children

#uLGC15 North Lanarkshire’s John Mooney brought a Scottish perspective to the debate on organising in schools as Local Government delegates backed a range of measures to support recruitment in schools and campaigning of school issues.

John slammed the Scottish Government’s insistence on an arbitrary freeze on teacher numbers. He warned, “This ill thought out, non scientific, arbitrary freeze on teaching numbers brought in by Scottish Government leaves our members in schools bearing the brunt of cuts which will detrimentally impact on our children’s education.

“Our members, mainly low paid women, are vital to ensuring that children get the support in schools that they need. We have a responsibility to them and to our children to make sure they are organised and their voice can be heard.”

John called for everyone to get behind the motion in our branches and to recruit, organise and campaign for school support staff.

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