Wednesday, 17 June 2015

National bargaining essential for members pay, terms and conditions

#uLDC15 Delegates backed a call from Northern Region for a range of supports to enable branches to campaign for in-house services and to keep the National Joint Council as the negotiating body for local government members’ pay, terms and conditions.

#uLGC15 Although Scottish delegates were not able to vote, East Dumbartonshire’s Tommy Robertson supported the motion but asked delegates “not to forget your comrades in Scotland who face the same issues.”

Tommy told delegates that in Scotland too we have employers moving away from agreed negotiating structures for terms and conditions.

With regards to TUPE, Tommy pointed out that the Local Government (Scotland) Act states that there should be no two tier workforce “but this doesn’t help people who have already found their service outsourced.”

“So we too are facing the reality that employees suffer because national agreements are being undermined.”

Tommy spoke about “reviews” he has been involved with in his branches.

“We were told to look at pay cuts, reductions in hours, changes in shift patterns, no enhancements for evening or weekend working. And even if we could agree this, the very real possibility was still to outsource these services.”

Tommy said that throughout the negotiations, his members made it clear that they were prepared to take strike action unless the threat of privatisation was removed. The employer backed down.

“However we are under no illusion that next year and the year after that they will to try and outsource our services.”

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