Wednesday, 24 June 2015

UNISON Labour Link backs Dugdale and Rowley for Scottish Labour leadership

UNISON Labour Link, the affiliated section of Scotland’s largest trade union, has given its backing to Kezia Dugdale MSP in the contest for the next Scottish Labour leader and Alex Rowley MSP for Deputy Leader.

UNISON Scotland Labour Link Chair Gordon McKay said: “With the election of a majority Tory UK government UNISON members need a strong Scottish Labour Party more than ever. However, Scottish Labour needs to change direction, start listening to its friends and pursue policies that will win the support of working people. The old politics simply won’t do. We believe they will make a good team. Kezia will provide energetic leadership and Alex offers experience and commitment. They have both shown they are prepared to take Scottish Labour out of its comfort zone.”

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  1. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Will there be any explanation as to why UNISON Labourlink selected Kezia and Alex above other candidates? The values that they share with us? Will be helpful when fielding questions.