Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mike Kirby: Our solid strike with great public support shows government must stop great pensions robbery

UNISON's Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby told the rally in Glasgow that today's strike is being led by women who won't be fooled by government ministers.

He said that the real pensions crisis is in the private sector, where two thirds of employers don't pay a single penny towards their workers' pensions.

Mike said: "It could cost this country up to £15 billion to support the millions of private sector workers who have been locked out of saving for their retirement."

He added: "Never before have so many public service workers and so many women taken action. We know that today's strike is being led by women - 3.7 million could be affected by the plans to make detrimental changes to pensions.

"And they won't be fooled by government ministers' claims that their justified action will hit jobs.

"They know the real reasons that the dole queues are growing are the disastrous choices the government is making.

"The critics of today, the bonus billionaires and Tory Cabinet millionaires know nothing of the value of public services, where we care for elderly and infirm people, we teach children, empty bins and save lives."

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