Saturday, 5 November 2011

UNISON backs Johann Lamont and Ian Davidson in Scottish Labour Leader Election

Following a hustings meeting involving all Scottish Labour Leader and Deputy Leader candidates UNISON Scotland has endorsed Johann Lamont and Ian Davidson in the election to be Leader and Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour.

The decision was taken after a meeting of UNISON’s Labour Link forum which included a hustings addressed by all of the candidates.

UNISON is one of Labour's largest affiliates - with political levy paying members who will cast individual votes in the election.  

Speaking after the event, Gordon McKay, a nurse from Ayrshire and Chair of Scottish UNISON Labour Link Scotland said;

 “We had the opportunity to hear from and question all of the candidates. Whilst all performed well,  we felt that it was Johann and Ian  who showed the best grasp of the issues facing ordinary people at this time and who will be best able to advance the Labour agenda of a fairer and more equal Scotland”

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  1. Caadfael9:19 am

    Nice to see Scotland's Euro lottery winners backing their favourite party with a "seven figure" donation!
    Hopefully this'll shift a few political levies!