Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Young Labour & Students support N30

Pensions are often seen as an issue for older people. Far from it. It will be young people who will pay the biggest price of the Government's pension robbery. So we welcome this statement of support.

Scottish Young Labour and Scottish Labour Students are proud to announce their support for those workers and organisations taking industrial action on November 30th.

With University lecturers, teachers and public sector workers taking industrial action across Scotland to protect their pensions and ultimately their livelihoods, it important that we acknowledge the hugely positive effects these individuals have on the young people of Scotland and in recognition of these facts support them at this difficult time.

As ConDem and SNP cuts eat away at our public services these pensions proposals shift an unfair financial burden on to those in our society who work to ensure a bright and prosperous future for Scotland’s students and young people. These strikes are the only way some of the youngest workers have a chance to express their anger over the future of their own pensions and the pensions of their families. When we increase the contributions to pay for Osbourne’s deficit reduction we lay a heavy financial burden on those just starting to make their way in the jobs market.

Many of Scotland’s best and brightest young graduates go on to work in our schools, hospitals and public services and these proposals present a serious threat to future economic and holistic wellbeing of those graduates who chose to use work in the public interest.

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