Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Climate, Justice and Jobs – Sat 28 Nov Scotland’s Climate March

UNISON Scotland is showing our colours by supporting the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Climate March on Saturday 28 November.

On that weekend around the world, millions will be marching to put pressure on world leaders for an ambitious deal at the UN climate negotiations in Paris in December.

Scotland’s Climate March is in Edinburgh, with other marches taking place in Wales on 28 November and in London on Sunday 29 November.

SCCS member organisations are calling for Scotland to show its colours in Paris and beyond, with strong action on climate change.

The Edinburgh march theme is “show your colours for climate, justice and jobs.”  SCCS will announce further details soon. Watch this space.

There will be a mass demonstration in Paris at the end of the talks on Saturday 12 December.

UNISON Scotland is also a strong supporter of the STUC annual St Andrew’s Day Anti-Racism March and Rally, which takes place this year in Glasgow on Sat 28 November. Branches are encouraged to be represented at both events.

UNISON was one of a large group of organisations supporting a WWF Scotland initiative this week that saw Scotland’s party leaders sign up to a cross-party climate change agreement.

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