Friday, 4 September 2015

Refugee Crisis in Europe - What you can do

In April 2015 we said: Migrant rescue cut 'indefensible in its inhumanity'.
“We must also seek to change the approach of the UK to immigration, creating a better more humane system that recognises our responsibilities in the world,” said Mike, adding that the UK is not doing enough to provide refuge to people who are displaced by conflict.

“In Syria, alone, close to four million refugees have fled since the beginning of the civil war in 2011. This is the largest refugee population currently under the care of the UN’s refugee agency, but to date the UK has only provided resettlement places for 143 Syrian refugees.

“This lack of action gives succour to traffickers seeking to exploit people in desperate situations in pursuit of profit. We cannot allow these people to exploit our Government’s inaction.”

“We must go even further than this and raise awareness of the combination of factors that cause people to turn to traffickers in the first place.”

This Positive Action in Housing briefing gives branches an indication of some immediate actions you can take in political campaigning and in supporting emergency assistance.

Mike J Kirby
Scottish Secretary

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