Monday, 7 September 2015

Supporters at Scotland v Germany game Mon 7 Sep say Refugees Welcome

PDF leaflet to download and print
Football supporters at tonghts Scotland v Germany game at Hampden Park, Glasgow, are urged to tweet Refugees Welcome images...
Scotland supporters will display a “Refugees Welcome” banner before tonight’s UEFA EURO Qualifying match against Germany at Hampden, in a proud imitation of the actions of football supporters across Germany.
The display will give Germany and Scotland fans the opportunity to express their support and solidarity for those affected by the refugee crisis.
Organised by ourselves and with the support of Unison Scotland, Unite and United Glasgow F.C., the display will begin at 6.30 pm at Queens Park Pavilion in Lesser Hampden and we are looking for all Scotland fans to get involved and show their support by carrying the banner in honour of the thousands of migrants fleeing conflicts in Syria, Eritrea, Sudan and others every day.
We will also be handing out leaflets which we implore you to take a picture with and retweet, share and post on all social media channels to show the UK Government that Scotland fully supports helping those in dire need of our help.
Make sure to use the hashtags #refugeeswelcome and #reclaimthegame and we will make sure the message is spread as far and as clear as possible.
Keep an eye on our social media channels for all updates and further information.

Text of leaflet:


We’ve all seen the pictures in the last two weeks of men, women and children drowning in the Mediterranean. The world is currently experiencing the biggest number of refugees since World War 2 and it’s time for Scotland to show our support. Scotland has a long history of immigration, from the Vikings and the Irish to Pakistanis and Poles. When you live in Scotland and love this country, you’re one of Jock Tamson’s bairns!

Scottish people, and the Tartan Army, have always stood up for what is right and we’re asking you to show your support for refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Sudan, etc.

Please take a picture with this leaflet and tweet/Facebook/Instagram with the hashtags  
#refugeeswelcome #reclaimthegame

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