Wednesday, 24 September 2008

BBC News: Admin Worker's Happy 60th Birthday on the picket line!

From Glasgow Wed 24 Sep

Shirley Buchanan, an admin assistant at Glasgow City Council, will be celebrating her 60th birthday while taking part in the strike.
"It will be something to remember it by," she said...
She has been involved in a number of strikes during her 20 years as a council employee, but thinks this dispute is one of the worst.
"I think it's more serious because of the current rate of inflation," she said. "No one has extra money.
"Prices are shooting up daily. Food, fuel, everything is going up except our wages."
Ms Buchanan said low-paid female workers were suffering most.
She said: "They have families to support and they've got a pay rise that's the equivalent of just 42p a week."
Ms Buchanan said she believed she had no choice but to take part in the walkout.
"It's a big thing for anyone to get involved in strike action, but it's the only way to get employers round the table," she said.


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