Tuesday, 2 September 2008

UNISON angry at failure to tackle car parking charges

UNISON Scotland Press Statement
Embargo: For immediate Release
Date: Tue 2 September 2008

UNISON angry at failure to tackle car parking charges

NHS union UNISON has today welcomed the decision to remove Car Parking Charges from most NHS sites in Scotland, but is angry that the Ministerial announcement seems to fail to remove Car Parking Charges completely after it was decided that it was too expensive to remove charges on PFI/PPP sites.

UNISON Glasgow and Clyde Branch Secretary, Cathy Miller said:
“Obviously we are pleased that the Government has decided to give way to pressure from UNISON and the public. No one agreed with this additional tax on staff, patients and visitors. But we are angry that the Minister seems unwilling to be bold enough to remove charges from PPP/PFI sites. This decision will create a two tier system with staff and patients who are unlucky enough to be on a PFI site such as Glasgow Royal Infirmary being charged for the pleasure.”

UNISON has continued to campaign on Car Parking Charges in the NHS and is now demanding a meeting with NHS bosses to find out what can be done about charges at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Cathy added:
“If car parking charges are to remain on site at GRI, then staff will see it as a real kick in the teeth. We want to meet with the NHS employers immediately to find out what they are going to do to help staff and patients. If they can’t or wont do anything we’ll take the matter up again with Government.”

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