Monday, 22 September 2008

Border Olympics brings message home to CoSLA pay chief

From Border Olympics Mon 22 Sep

UNISON Scotland activists in the Scottish Borders staged a mock Olympic race today (Monday 22 September) to bring home the message that a 2.5% pay offer is unfair, right in the back yard of CoSLA's pay chief Councillor Michael Cook.

From Border Olympics Mon 22 Sep

In fetching fancy dress, they played out the racing costs of housing, fuel and food while the poor council worker is left behind, tied to the ball and chain of a pay offer which is half the inflation rate.

From Border Olympics Mon 22 Sep

Councillor Cook was clearly rattled by the stunt when facing UNISON chief negotiator Dougie Black on the radio this morning. He will come under increasing pressure as the very real strike action for Fair Pay is stepped up on Wednesday for the second Day of Action.

From Border Olympics Mon 22 Sep

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