Wednesday, 24 September 2008

UNISON Scottish Secretary lays it on the line for COSLA

Matt Smith says CoSLA needs a reality check

7am newsflash: Matt Smith on Good Morning Scotland radio programme

UNISON's Scottish Secretary Matt Smith speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland said that:

"Attitudes have hardened on behalf of the unions since last month's Day of Action because our members feel really let down by the employers. There is not a penny more on the table.

CoSLA badly needs a reality check

The employers told us 5 weeks ago that they would make an offer in terms of the increases in inflation.

They have refused to put another penny on the table.

Until CoSLA makes a better offer this strike action will continue."

For the employers Councillor Michael Cook claimed CoSLA had demonstrated flexibility, having improved the offer in March and said that jobs and services were at stake as a result of inflation and wage demands.

Matt Smith responded by saying: "We're always told that by employers. We have made a claim, and we want to negotiate around it.

Our members are the victims of inflation, not the cause of it. They need a decent pay rise, certainly not at half the level of inflation."

Round one to Matt!

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  1. Anonymous3:12 pm

    totally agree - well done Matt