Wednesday, 24 September 2008

We told you so - questions over pupil safety

UNISON warned on Monday that some Scottish councils are risking children's safety by trying to open schools during today's strike action

Councils put schoolchildren at risk in desperate attempt to undermine staff strike

This viewer comment, posted to the BBC website strike story, appears to confirm that councils that force teachers to open schools are taking risks with pupil safety.

BBC:News: Scotland:Workers in Strike Action:Viewer Comment

Anon, Central Scotland

"I am the head teacher of a large primary school in Central Scotland. Despite my request to my local authority to close my school on safety grounds, having no janitor or support staff, and on health grounds, down to the fact classrooms and toilets will not be cleaned and the bins not emptied, my request was declined. Local Authorities are not willing to support school staff and as a result are putting pupil safety at risk.

I am unwilling to provide my contact details as I know that I will be targeted by the education authority as a result. I also know that I am one of many head teachers who are being forced to put pupils at risk today."


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