Thursday, 13 June 2013

#austerityuncovered in Scotland with #STUC's There is a Better Way 21-29 June

13 June 2013
The STUC is organising a series of events and meetings this month under the banner of Austerity Uncovered and There is a Better Way.

Details from There is a Better Way website...


"A nationwide tour, gathering the evidence to convict government policies. Austerity is hurting, but it isn’t working.

"STUC has put together a range of meetings and events between 21st & 29th June.
We are currently working with local community groups to finalise visits which will include unemployed workers centres, food banks and other community facilities...."
The events include one in Dundee on UNISON Scotland's Fair Pay day of action on 25 June, as local government workers prepare for the ballot on strike action. #YestoFairPay - more details soon.
They also include the STUC's conference against the bedroom tax on 29 June in Edinburgh.


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