Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Police must act on disability hate crime

#undc13 UNISON will campaign to raise the profile of disability hate crime and will call for it to be treated as seriously as other forms of hate crime.

Strathclyde Police and Fire’s Brian Molloy, backing the National Disabled Members Committee motion highlighted that legislation to combat disability hate crime has existed in Scotland since 2010.

This defines a hate crime as one motivated by malice or ill will towards a social group - the legislation also covers hate crimes in relation to sexual orientation and transgender identity.

Brian explained "If a crime is perceived to be a hate crime by the victim or any other person, including a police officer, it should be recorded and investigated as such.

Hate crime in whatever form, including disability hate crime is a priority of the Police Service of Scotland."

"We ask Conference to lobby the UK Government with a view to similar legislation being passed to protect all victims of hate crime, especially disability hate crime which affects the most vulnerable of our society."

An emotional debate heard harrowing accounts from delegates as Conference threw its weight behind the motion.

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