Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Call for mass housing programme: Homes for people not profit

#undc13 UNISON called for a mass housing investment programme, building new and refurbishing old housing provision, financed from increases in progressive taxes.

Steve Gray, Aberdeenshire UNISON, told Conference: “Homes are for people not profits! Putting profits before people has resulted in the national housing crisis that affects UNISON members and other people on low incomes to middle incomes.”

He described the desperately short supply of affordable housing and how this marginalises people, breaks up families and ruins communities. “Housing that is affordable, secure, fit for purpose and responsive to the needs of local communities is essential to a Fair Society.”

Steve explained that a 21st century public led house building programme could deliver similar benefits to those of the 1930’s Council House programme – providing jobs as well as housing, helping economic recovery, revitalising local communities and offering hope to millions for a better, healthier life.

“We need to bury Thatcher’s Legacy with a new generation of Council housing built by the people for the people.”

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